Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Ford Ironman World Championship on NBC

Well I got to watch the Ironman World Championship on NBC this past Saturday. After watching it, I still can't believe I was a part of it all. And yes, at 6:07 minutes that is me. I remember this moment. I was sitting on the stairs watching as the pro's get ready to start. I wanted to be close to the water so I could be one of the first swimmers on the line. I am not sure if that was a great strategy as I found it exhausting to maintain position for the 30 minutes between the pro start and the age group start. Luckily a surf boarder would let us hang on his board for a break before the cannon went off. But just imagine for a second 1800 people treading water vertically that suddenly move into a horizontal position. It was a brutal experience. I was hammered, kicked, and elbowed until I was able to make a break away at the turn around and then I succeeded in only leading and providing a draft to the finish for the same group of people who were hell bent on making me miserable during the swim. As an aside here, I believe it is the swim where you can see a person's true character. The truth of the matter is that we are all miserable, we all hate to be touched, and we are all flailing like dying fish but some people take the cloak of the water to very purposely punch and/or elbow you. People don't typically behaved that way on the run or the bike. Can you imagine watching the race and catch a glimpse of a runner throwing an elbow into the side of another runner? People would gasp and spectators would call a foul. I cannot tell you how many non-accidental blows I saw during the swim. No matter how frustrated I get I will never throw an elbow. It is unsportsmanlike like but most of all it is unnecessary. I will have to think harder about a strategy for next time. Yes, there will be a next time.

It was amazing to watch the event as both a participant and a spectator. I can't believe I saw and recognize these same people out on the course pounding the pavement just like I did. It is still a wonder. Just watching this 8 minute segment alone put butterflies in my stomach. I love Chrissie Wellington's interview around 4:18 minutes into this segment. I saw Chrissie out training and wished her luck. She pulled the earphones out of her ears and asked me if I was racing. I said yes but I was thinking in my head who cares about my race when you standing next to a legend - we are doing the same race but we are soooooooo not doing the same race if you know what I mean. She kindly wished me luck. Normann Stadler just winked at me . . . but that's ok with me and perfectly appropriate :)