Monday, March 7, 2011

It is just a hobby . . .

I hate having to remind myself triathlon is just a hobby and I actually work for a living. I guess this is where the addiction comes in. I hate that I have not posted a new entry now three weeks. I committed to posting at least once every two weeks but to really try for a weekly posting. My poll has come and gone . . and nothing. Unfortunately things going on at work have really thrown me off my game. In fact Saturday at swim practice Aquageek said I had lost my sparkle. I smiled inside for second, flattered someone (even if that someone is Aquageek) thought I had "sparkle", but then I was disappointed that I had let the stress of my work interfere with ANY part of my life outside of work. I do have to remark how exhausting stress can be. In the past three weeks I have not changed my workouts, in length or intensity. I have not been working longer hours. I have not picked up any new hobbies . . . or cats to take care of. I have just been stressed thanks to issues at work. The stress has affected my ability to sleep and when I am not working out, I am thinking about work. I am finding out that thinking and stressing about work is far more exhausting than any training regime I could come up with on my own. Some people have told me to lay off the workouts with the idea they are only stressing me out more and adding to my exhaustion. I guess they don't understand addiction but the time I feel my best is when I am in my kit and getting ready to roll. I am just thankful I have an outlet. My poor coworker has blood pressure problems and spent the day in the hospital due to a panic attack (she thought she was having a heart attack). Yikes! Which reminds me of a funny story . . . . So at work we are required to have a health coach in order to get a $600 reduction on our health insurance costs. After meeting my goal of reaching a higher HDL level my "coach" decided I needed a new goal. She asked my how much I exercised so I told her - all of it. Not quite the Haycraft GTWD rendition but a pretty detailed idea of what I do on a weekly basis. Here is her response:

"Thank you for your response. It sounds like you are getting in quite a bit of exercise as well as a wide variety of activities which is great. How long have you maintained this current routine? Also, do you foresee any barriers to being able to continue this routine? Overall, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends getting in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity cardio per week at a minimal level. It is also recommended to get in at least 2 strength training sessions per week. Do you feel we need to change your overall goal from improving cholesterol to improving/maintaining your current fitness level? "

Ok, ok, before you all proclaim me as the world's biggest snob I do want you to first recognize that I do have an addiction. I cannot even imagine only working out 75 minutes a week. I simply cannot fathom a lifestyle where that would be acceptable. I am very thankful I am in a position physically to work out as much as I do but I really just wanted to highlight the humor in this exchange. What we "triathletes" accept as normal and what the rest of the world deems as abnormal and unsustainable. It reminds me of those You Tube videos that has been forwarded to every triathlete demonstrating how lame we all sound to anyone other than ourselves. Oh ok I think I found one - how easy was that!

Speaking of tri-dorks . . .. I ran this past Sunday in the rain. For ten miles. With three other people. After riding in the rain the day before. Yes we are different breed of folks but we love it, every minute of it! After much debate over what time to start the run in order to "beat the rain" (like anyone can beat the rain, ha!), my typical 8 AM run was moved right smack into the middle of a downpour at 9:30. The Giant, Vespa, and I all met at the Dowd YMCA where we piled in one car, steaming up the windows while we synchronized our Garmins. When Legs (also known as Giant II) showed up, we were committed! Giants I and II are both about a foot taller than me. Occasionally when we are running I will suddenly find myself running between them becoming more and more aware of my short stature. So as a side note: I always run on the outside of the Giants or behind them basking in a little run draft action. While Vespa stacked the height average a little more in my favor, his superior agility really made for a different kind of run. I have never seen someone bob and weave, duck and puddle jump so fast while still maintaining a normal run cadence. We ran 10 miles of the Corporate Cup 1/2 marathon course, in the rain. It is good challenging course so I am excited to see how the race plays out on Saturday. We each had on a Garmin and when one person beeped, three more soon followed. Of course we then compared the splits because we are dorks like that. The run ended with a short stretching session and a brief discussion on when to shave the legs. Did I mention I was the only girl?

Well I am definitely disappointed in the results from last month's poll. I do not think there were enough votes to definitively decide what ironman to do. As the sign up times get closer, I will certainly keep you all posted on the pros and cons of each. Those three are on the table. Feel free to email me if you have any ideas!