Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This past weekend was a very enjoyable weekend athletically. In fact this was my first triple workout (ala Haycraft GTWD). I have a few rules I go by when training. One is that I do not workout on Friday afternoons. Usually it has been a long week at work and a long week of workouts. It is tempting to make up a missed workout on Friday but I have to give myself the chance to wind down from the long week and a chance to gear up for the weekend. My second rule was not to do all three disciples in one day. I know people who train full time do it all the time and are actually encouraged to do it but I work full time and train part time. I figured if I wanted to do a triathlon I would just do a triathlon! Well rule 2 is now out the window. Time restrictions are time restrictions so I put on my big girl pants this past Saturday and started my fist triple brick by heading to MAC masters at 5:30 AM. The Charlotte Latin pool is one of those pools that is short course in width and long course in length. It is usually set up for us short course but when I walked in (yes a little late Aquageek) I was pleasantly surprised to find it set up long course - my preferred course. Unfortunately the workout was not  predominately distance freestyle but a mixture of stroke work and then 50s and 100s free. To be honest I really enjoyed the break from the distance grind (just don't repeat that to anyone). After 3000m we closed the session with 4x100 descend. Aquageek beat me by 1 sec . . . again. After a short team breakfast I headed out to workout dos.

I met Man-cess at the Audrey Kell High School in south Charlotte. Man-cess and I both wanted to break out the tribikes so rather than organize a big group ride we rode by ourselves. He wanted three hours on the bike and I wanted to 2 so we compromised on 2.5. We had a great ride that took us out towards the more rural suburbs of south Charlotte and South Carolina. We had a comfortably fast pace going for the first half and when we turned to head back to the school we realized why . . . tail wind! The route back was all against the wind and when we finally made it back to the school, we both felt sufficiently worked. At one point Man-cess was ahead of me and I heard him call out, "man is it windy !?!" Next thing I know he is rolling back towards me - and then behind me - "your turn" he says. I had to laugh, that is such a Man-cess move! While I started this ride with arm warmers they did not last long and by the end I was sufficiently warm. It was only 77 out but it felt hot! Like 92 degrees hot! I only brought two small water bottles with me on the bike and I knew before I moved on to workout tres that I was not sufficiently hydrated. I guess it always takes the first ride in a new season to work all the kinks out! I actually learned three lessons on this ride: 1) Man-cess can actually be a good training partner especially when you are not training in his "dead zone." Oh wait . . . I mean "grey area", 2) Always prepare to over-hydrate, 3)Make sure your ridiculously expensive Garmin is charged or otherwise you are carrying around a ridiculously expensive piece of plastic.

The reason the bike ride started and ended at Audrey Kell High School was so I could be in close proximity of a track. My first triple ended in a short track workout. The track at Audrey Kell is rubber and a really nice track. A lot better than the cracked track with vegetative outcroppings I typically run at Hawthorne High School. Yeah it might have some character but the fact that it is a 5 minute jog from my house makes it perfect! In addition to my first triple this was my first true track session of the year. I have been to the track to do drill work but this was an actual track workout. Oh my runner friends would be so proud! It was hot and brutal but I got it done! AND I got it done slightly faster than I was expecting. It might have been because I was motivated by this guy also running the track. Man he was flying . . . um and I, like um . . . had to get out of the way. He was putting down fast laps, running the stadium stairs, doing push ups, pull ups . . . he was still there when I felt. I should have asked him for an autograph! He was wearing those brightly colored and hideously ugly running flats that are all the rage. To pull those off, you have to be fast! Man-cess has a pair . . . need I say more?

Triple. Done.

The rest of my Saturday included a massage and facial thanks to a well spent Groupon and a surprise 30th birthday party for Man-cess. At the party there was a life size cut out of him in transition at last year's Charleston 1/2 IM. He is wearing his aerohelmet and not one but TWO watches. Maybe one watch would show him faster than the other? Maybe he was afraid he was going to get lost on the course? Maybe he was planning to contest his chiptime? Fourth lesson of the day, some of us trigeeks are geeker than others.

Corporate Cup 2011: They might be giants?