Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This past weekend was a little bit of a debacle. Saturday went pretty smoothly as I get more used to my swim-bike-run trio. Sunday I wanted to run later in the day since it was going to be quite warm and sunny for a change and I look better with a tan. I still got up early opting to go watch some of my friends and teammates race at the Huntersville Sprint Triathlon (here's a link to my team's blog post). It was a perfect morning with cooler temps only rising slightly with the sun. There was little to no wind so I was expecting to catch some fast racing. HST is a pool swim time trial start event. Your swim snakes down the pool swimming one lap in each of the 20 lanes. I remember this swim from last year and was reminded of how difficult it was. Since you are going right to left across the pool each flip turn (if you choose to do them) requires you to steamline under the laneline and every other one backwards. I am assuming even if you do an open turn it is pretty difficult to maintain a pattern of swimming across the lane on each lap so you are positioned in the corner of the lane when you go to turn and move into the next lane. While I am a big advocate of incorporating flip turns into your swimming training (think clipping in vs not clipping while cycling), I think this might be the only time open turns have an advantage? I am not sure if they really do so I am not committing to that theory.

When I decided to go to the race I was thinking I would stay for at most 2 hours to catch everyone and then head back home to get my running stuff in order to meet Giants 1&2 at 11:00 at the McAlpine Greenway. Well basically because I did not know any better I parked in a lot that would be closed until the LAST runner finished. Since swimmers were still starting a full 90 minutes after the 8:00 start I felt slightly screwed. Good thing I had talked Vespa into running with us as well so I was able to beg him for a ride back into town. Luckily, he agreed and at 10:30 we started on our mission of changing from one event to the next. Vespa dropped me off at my house where I ran in, made a quick change, grabbed my nutrition and Garmin, petted a cat, and headed out the door. Not 10 minutes down the road, as I am admiring my feet in my sandals, I realized I forgot my running shoes! So back around again. Oops. 11:00 start is not looking good at all. Back to my house, grabbed my shoes, petted a cat, and again we were off! We make it to McApline 15 minutes after the hour only to find a one day festival in full swing closing parts of the park and running path. I have officially retired from organizing training events. I have not had the opportunity to run the 5K course at McAlpine which we ultimately ran. It was quite nice and I am looking forward to going back.

Earlier in the week I agreed to run with Vespa. I told him I had a little bit of a tempo run to do. So in the name of motivation he preceded to run the entire run just 10 feet ahead of me so no matter how hard I ran, we were never running together. Maybe this was a ploy on his part so he wouldn’t be seen running with me . . . hmm I never entertained that idea until now. Sadly I ran faster during my long run than I did at this tempo run. I think I ended up focusing more on my frustration than I did on the run. Of course at the end I felt like I was going to die (and maybe cry a little), funny how mental “exhaustion” presents itself. I was surprised by my emotional reaction. I guess I just was not expecting Vespa to taunt me like that but it was a great reminder that training should always be fun and if isn’t, make it fun! It is such a waste of energy to focus on the negative and things of your control. There is always going to be someone ahead of you - sometimes you will catch them, sometimes you won’t.

I have to wish a GREAT BIG congrats to my favorite AquaGeek and the other MAC masters who swam in Arizona last week in the 2011 Spring National Championship. A lot of impressive results but AquaGeek's 18:07 1650 takes the cake. He might just be my hero. Sorry Vespa, you are out.

Threat of the week:
I'm going to run you down like Mirinda Carfrae.
Um but Vespa, you’re a boy?