Monday, June 6, 2011


Well luckily my recovery period from White Lake was short and sweet! I took the opportunity to travel to Charleston to visit with some friends and the beach. From training, my tri kit tanlines were a little out of control so I was hoping some r&r on the beach would help out a bit. Despite strategically placed sunscreen, my thighs are still slightly two-toned. I guess it did not help that I actually spent more time training than I did on the beach. While it was my intention to recover during my visit, I ended up having one of the best workouts I have had all season Saturday morning. Ever since then I have been on a bit of a training high that I hope continues! Anyway, Saturday mornign I hooked up with a small group of riders. Anyone knows the smaller the group, the more work you have to do but when half of your small group is composed of cat 1 racers then there just isn't anywhere to hide! I ended up riding the fastest 60 mile ride I have ever been on. There were 10 mile stretches where we averaged over 27 miles per hour! While I was quite intimiated by it all, I did my part to pull through and participate in the paceline. I had so much fun I am wondering now how I can incorpoarte bike racing into my triathlon racing. Is it possible? After the ride I immediately went into my little track routine and then finally the morning was complete. My best training day so far this year! I went to Charleston to unwind but left quite wound up instead!
May 16-22
Run: 17.9 mi
Bike: 101.0 mi
Sw: 4,000.0 yds
(slacked off on the swimming a bit, he he he)

Of course all good things must come to an end, so with both the Charleston trip and recovery week over it was back to the grind!
May 23-29
Run: 21.6 mi
Bike: 154.9 mi
Sw: 14,900.0 yds
(did not slack off on swimming this week)

Maybe I was still on a cyclist's high (and not the steriod/blood doping kind) but this past week was full of great bike rides. I have not been on my tri bike since the race so maybe it was just getting back on my trusty yellow Felt that got me all excited. The highlight of my week was perhaps going to see the National Pro race in Greenville on Memorial Day Monday. I have never actually been to see a road race. I have watched crit races but no road races, and especially not one with this level of athletes. It was hot in Greenville but worth it. After 100 miles of racing, the finish came down to a photo finish between George Hincapie and Matthew Bushe.
Here is a link to an article and pictures from the Pro race taken by Mr. Weldon.

And here is a picture of some of the best looking spectators!

Oh yeah, AquaGeek is mad at me because I forgot to show up at practice at 4:45 the other morning. Oops.