Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cashing Checks

So yesterday I cashed a big check. I was awarded $1500 for winning the Inside-Out North Carolina Series put on by Set-Up Events. This is the second time I won money for competing in a triathlon. The first check I received was for winning the Cheraw Sprint Triathlon in the Go Tri Sports South Carolina series. For how much money we put into triathlon I do have to say it is quite generous for a production company to give some of it back. Every year I say I am going to track every little triathlon expense and I never do. If anyone has I would love to see your numbers! Maybe this year will be year. It is not unheard of for someone to drop close to $2000 in last minute stuff and swag at one of those big races with the big expos. I have seen it.

I am not going to lie, winning the money is a very nice bonus to a long season of triathlon related expenditures but I can’t say it makes me feel any more proud of my accomplishments this year. I had a great year of racing money or not.

Initially at the beginning of the season I was not going to go for the series. I thought it would be too difficult to do and still maintain focus on my priorities this year. But my training partner and friend, Johnny Garage, spend a lot of time encouraging me to go for it.  I did not know about the cash prize and initially he bribed me with food so that I would race at Stumpy Creek, the bonus event for the series. I guess he knows me all too well. Humored by the big check scene in Happy Gilmore, Johnny Garage spent the rest of the summer taunting me with the idea of getting “the big check.” So the day of the banquet rolls around and Johnny Garage and I go out for a quick long run before we hit the road. Getting back to the car he tells me to look in the truck and there it was, the big check. There are some moments you simply cannot duplicate.

The Big Check
 It is fun to race and train for triathlon but it would not be worth it if I could not share it some of the best people in the world. Triathlon has given me the opportunity to meet and train with some awesome individuals. 

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