Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aging in the time of Triathlon

So Friday marked another year in my life. I am not the biggest fan of birthday celebrations so I tried to keep my big day under the radar. My morning started off with a 2.5 hour trip to the gym. I got to work out with Legs, run on the treadmill, and punish myself with 32 burpees. I then came to work and negated my time at the gym with a chocolate on chocolate donut provided to me by my coworker. Oh well.

I am not going to lie but I feel like my time with triathlon is limited. While I do not have a 5 year plan I carry with me, I feel like I have until I am 40 to do whatever it is I am going to do with triathlon. Part of me recognizes this is a ridiculous statement especially since there are some super strong Masters Open Females throwing it down with the young pups. Sometimes I am not the least bit phased by my statement. Life is so dynamic it is fun to think of the possibilities. Maybe I will get into whitewater kayaking or climbing . . . but then I remember I am just getting old. I would love to think that one day, oh say 50 years from now, I could possibly be one of those old ladies still kicking it out on the course because there is just something inherently cool about doing something someone 1/3 your age and couch bound (by choice of course) couldn’t even dream of doing (actually I do not love this visual at all). But then the competitive side of me starts chatting away and I have to wonder when the point will come when I can no longer PR in any distance or leg of triathlon. And then I have to wonder, when that day comes, am I going to be ok with it? I am certainly ok with not being the swimmer I once was. I recognize that I will never PR in any single swim event  e . . . v . . . e . . . r, ok maybe breaststroke since I am horrible at it and never swim it, but really, it’s breaststroke – it doesn’t count. I asked a Haycraft GTWD what he wanted for his birthday. I was thinking cookies since I got a new handheld blender for my birthday but he said he wanted another year of life. At least I am off the hook from making cookies! He then asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted another year of racing. I figured I would take his response up a notch since you can’t really have one without the other.  I know I should not fear the future but you can’t blame me. I love the sport of triathlon, at least I do today. Maybe one morning I will wake up and hate it. If that happens I guess that is ok too, it is time to move on.

When I realized it was time to move on from Charleston I came to Charlotte. This weekend I return to Charleston for a much needed visit! I have not been back to Charleston since labor day weekend. It is a long overdue trip I am very much looking forward to. Am I bringing my bike? Yes. Am I bringing my speedo? Yes. Am I bringing my running shoes? Yes . . . I guess.