Thursday, December 1, 2011


Celebrating my entry into IMCZ
So this past Tuesday I signed up for my third ironman. Back in 2008 I signed up for my first and what I thought would be my only Ironman, Ironman Florida 2009. My motivation for signing up was simple, I wanted to do an ironman before I turned 30. So what is my motivation now? Well it is a combination of things:

1) The swim looks awesome. 
I have been fortunate to swim in two awesome swim legs in the last two ironmans. During IMFL I swam with a sea turtle. In Hawaii . . . well it was Hawaii. The swim course in Cozumel looks ridiculously awesome. I was not aware there is supposed to be a current to help the swimmers along but who cares while you are cutting through the crisp clear waters of one of the most scenic swims on the Ironman circuit.

2) Several local triathletes are doing it. Some of them happen to be my favorite. Four of us came together to make this happen. We all have different degrees of Ironman experience. This will be my third, Johnny Garage's 2nd, The Beard's 2nd? and Deuce's first. Awwww Deuce! Deuce is probably at the gym now doing bicept curls to train for it. I have heard rumors of several other local triathletes planning to sign up but I do not have confirmation. Hopefully we will have a large fun group to dominate the island!

3)I want to go back to Kona. IMCZ will be the first attempt of perhaps many to make it back to the big dance. I got lucky in Florida and I thought one trip to Hawaii would be enough - to compete in the holy grail of triathlon and walk away satisfied. In many ways I did  . . . until the race rolled around again this year. As the race day approached I felt somewhat disappointed I was not there to compete. I felt an eagerness I have never felt for a race. I was envious of the athletes watching the sun rise as they scoped out the swim course. The excitement they felt as they previewed the Queen K and dipped into the famous energy lab to have a look around. I wanted to be one of those athletes. 

Who knows what will happen but it doesn't hurt to try right? And it definitely doesn't hurt to try in the company of your best buds!