Monday, December 12, 2011

Swim Set 12/12/11

I have decided to post a weekly swim set. In the depths of the black lump in my chest I call my heart, I am a swimmer. I have been wondering what contribution I can make to the triathlon world since this is a triathlon blog. I was stumped until I remembered I was a swimmer. I am not a slowtwitch junkie, a gear snob, nor do I travel the world for fancy races and training camps. One thing I do do is swim, I swim quite well. I aim to post a new workout on Monday so be on the look out, feel inspired, and adjust the workout accordingly!

This set is inspired by my birthday and by Haycraft GTWD. He was talking smack . . . again. I will be swimming this set at the MCAC at 6 AM tomorrow if anyone is interested.

400 EZ warm up
6x50 alternate 50 drill, 50 kick, 50 swim 1:00 (1:15)

5x100 free descend 1:30 (1:45)
8x100 free pull with paddles and a buoy 1:30 (1:40)
5x100 free descend 1:30 (1:45)
6x100 IM or stroke (no free) 2:00 (2:30)
5x100 free descend 1:30 (1:45)
2x100 kick with fins 2:00 (2:45)
1x100 free all out (get time)

100 warm down = a healthy 4000m workout!