Monday, December 19, 2011

Swim Set 12/19/11

This is another sure distance swim set with a twist. It is slightly modified from one written by Bill Mavis - porn star/masters swimmer.

I plan to do this set Tuesday morning at the MCAC starting at 6AM for anyone interested.

Warm Up Fluff:
400 swim
6x50 with :10 rest breathing every 3/5/7 by 50

The Main Set:
1200 on 17:00 (1:25 base), (19:00 or 21:00)
900 on 12:45, (14:15 or 15:45)
600 on 8:30, (9:30 or 10:30)
- 1 min rest -
300 on 4:15, (4:45 or 5:15)

For each of the above distances do an open turn to get your time and then descend the final 300 of each distance. The last 300 in the series should be your best effort. I included three different interval options. Chose one that is achievable but not too easy. The first one is the 1:25 base, then 1:35, then 1:45. I will warn you this is a boring workout but it is all about building fatigue while pushing through the last 300 to help you maintain strength and endurance in the longer races when you are tired.

Warm down as needed