Monday, January 30, 2012

Swim Set 1/31/2012


400 swim
:10 rest after each 50:
2 x50 catch-up drill
2 x50 finger tip drag
2 x50 finger tip & catch-up together
2 x50 build

4 x100 @ threshold + :02 (1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez
4 x100 @ threshold (1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez
4 x100 @ threshold - :02 (1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez

400 pull

4 x100 @ threshold 1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez
4 x100 @ threshold - :02 (1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez
4 x100 @ threshold - :05 (1:35 or :10-:15 secs rest)
100 kick/ez

as needed

Monday, January 23, 2012

Swim Set 1/24/2012

I miss swimming with the MAC Masters Tuesday morning but I love swimming long course at the MCAC, well except for the obvious lack of lane space. This swim set is relatively simple. The bread and peanut butter is the set of 200s. I am hoping it is not boring but I will confess I enjoy a good mind-numbing swim set.

400 warm up

3 rounds of:
1x 500 pull buoy and paddles (all rounds 7:45 or :20 rest, hold mod. pace)
3x 200 swim (descending rest/effort per round 3:00, 2:50, 2:45 or rest :10 @ 70%, 80%, 90% effort)
1x 100 kick/drill/rec
1 min rest

Cool down as needed

I grew up on interval based swim workouts. The concept of rest based workouts is foreign to me but it shouldn't be. I run and bike most repeats on timed rest not intervals. When I think about timed rest in the water, I just feel like it is a chance to cheat yourself out of a really good workout. No matter your effort, your rest is always the same but on an interval, the harder you go the more rest you get, keeps you honest right? One of the biggest things I notice with triathletes is an inability to pace themselves. I compare it is a runner's ability to always know their pace. I am always amazed when I run with a runner-runner (not a triathlete-runner) and their ability to judge our pace without a garmin. It has become very clear to me that I can not tell the difference between running at my threshold and 20-30 secs off my threshold. Without fail, if I give a triathlete 5 x 100s descend on an interval, invariably the first 100 will be their fastest. And as every coach has ever spewed to me in my lifetime, it is not the first one that makes you fast, it is the last one. 

See you in the pool!

Friday, January 13, 2012

There's running and then there's thinking about running

Running is mental, you can have the strength, you can have the speed, but if you don't have the mind, then all the strength & speed you have is useless.

I picked this quote up off of Twitter posted by @MdotDoc and retweeted by @JJKidDynomite. Social media is a blast isn’t it!?!

I have been thinking a lot about running lately. It is funny but when it comes to swimming I rarely think about it. I show up to MAC Masters, check out the workout, either grin or sigh depending on distance vs speed set listed, and dive in. When it comes to cycling, I am looking for and expect an adventure whenever I hit the road. But when it comes to triathlon training, the majority of my thoughts are dominated by the run. Everyone has an opinion on how to run faster, how to avoid injury, what shoes to wear, what stride to have . . . it is so overwhelming. I don’t know if runners feel this overwhelmed in the water – if they do I feel for them. It has taken some time for me to realize that the secret to running isn’t in the shoes or the stride or a magic set at the track, it is in your attitude.

If I continue to approach the run like it is my crippling weakness then there will always be a Lex Luther lurking on the run course with an armful of Kryptonite. Instead I need to recognize that I am good a runner – I am just not as good at it as I am swimming and cycling. Lots of people say I should “dumb” down my swimming. Well I say I need to “smarten” up my running. The first step is . . . .well . . . running.

So last week was my first big week of run focused training. For a runner, 40 miles probably isn’t a lot. For me? Well it is a shit ton. I have trained for two ironmans on less than an average of 25 miles a week. The funny thing is I ran so much I don’t even remember the other workouts, the swims and the bikes – just the runs. Ha ha ha that sounds funny – I digress.

The second step is viewing my run as a source of strength. Often when I am racing I am waiting to get run down. I am so used to it I expect it. This is no attitude to have! How can I possibly expect to run to my potential if this is the prevailing thought in my head (the others being: wow this hurts, why do I do this, and I wonder where the nearest Dunkin Donuts is)?

So I am left with a lot of work to do . . . but of course that is the best part! 

PS. I know this blog post is lame. Don't judge me. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Swim Set 1/9/2012

400 warm up

8 x 50 w/fins choice @ :55

100 cruise @ 1:35
1 X 100 fast @ 1:25 
200 cruise @ 3:10 
2 X 100 fast @ 1:25 
300 cruise @ 4:45 
3 X 100 fast @ 1:25 
400 cruise @ 6:20 
4 X 100 fast @ 1:25 
500 cruise @ 7:55 
5 X 100 fast @ 1:25 

(This set is about the 100s.)  

Cool down

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Swim Set 1/3/2012

So I swam this one this morning with a hearty crew. I am not sure how I feel about it.

Long Course:
400 warm up

3x400 pull with paddles/buoy on 6:00 desc.

  200 @ 3:10
  150 @ 2:20
  100 @ 1:35
    50 @ :50
For each distance the last 50 is fast. Straight through

Warm down