Monday, February 20, 2012

Swim Set 2/20/2012

This is what I am thinking for this week:
Hopefully the pool will be set up long course. I love long course!

400-500 warm up

10 x100
  4 w/ paddles, buoy, band 1:45
  3 w/ paddles and buoy 1:40
  2 w/ paddles 1:35
  1 w/ swim 1:30

10 x200 on 3:00 or 3:10
  descend in groups of 2s or hold pace steady

10 x50 w/fins 1:00
  odds- kick
  even- 25 underwater kick/25 swim

cool down or hot tub it!

pheeew,coming up with these workouts takes a lot of work on my part!