Monday, March 19, 2012

Swim Set 3/20/2012

So I was doing some slow twitching today and came across a thread titled "Hardest Swim Workouts Ever." Naturally I opened the discussion because I like my workouts to be hard. This is a modification one of the many workouts I came across, an oasis in a pile of ST crap. I am excited to give it a go tomorrow morning at MCAC.

400 warm up

Rest :10 after each:
4x50 drill
2x50 kick
4x50 drill

500 free swim 6:30 (or rest :30)
5x100 descend 1-5 1:30 (or rest :10)

400 free pull 6:00 (or rest :20)
4x100 pull hold pace 1:30 (or rest :10)

300 free swim 4:30 (or rest :10)
3x100 free swim 300 pace -4 on 1:35 (or rest :10)

200 IM 3:30 (or :30 rest)
2x100 nonstroke 2:00 9or :10 rest)
(feel free to drill as needed) 

1x100 free build 1:40 (or :20 rest)
1x100 free fast, super fast!

100 warm down