Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swim Set 5/28/12

I am still trying to keep the distance high in preparation for my 5K swim this weekend so here is another doozie:
400 warm up to loosen

8x 50 alt stroke/free drill :10 sec rest

5x 100 on 1:40 hold threshold pace (or :15 rest)
1000 on 15 mins cruise effort (or :60 rest)
5x 100 on 1:40 hold threshold pace (or :15 rest)
2x 500 on 7:30 (pace faster than the 1000) (or :30 rest)
5x 100 on 1:40 hold threshold pace (or :15 rest)

10x 50 with fins cool down
   -alt 50 kick/50 backstroke :5-:10 rest

Swim fast . . . swim faster in a Helix!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Swim Set 5/21/12

400 warm up

Set I:
5 x 100 pull buoy, paddles, and band

Set II:
9 X 200 done as:
·                     1 - 3 @ 3:20  neg split
·                     4 - 6 @ 3:10 descend
·                     7 - 9 @ 3:00 make interval, hold 1000 pace or faster

6 X 100 done as:
·                     1 - 2 @ 1:45 perfect form
·                     3 - 4 @ 1:35 build to strong last 25
·                     5 - 6 @ 1:25 fast but not blow out

Set III:
With fins:
8 X 50 @ 1:00 - minimum 15 yards/meters underwater and practice sighting
4 X 50 build to almost fast @ 1:00

Monday, May 14, 2012

Swim Set 5/14/12

400 warm up

Set I:
5 X 100 @ 2:00 with fins, alt 50 kick/50 swim choice
8 X 50 IMO drill/swim by 25 @ 1:00

Set II:
2 X 300 @ 4:45 neg split (or :40 rest)
100 EZ free @2:15
2 X 300 @ 4:30 descend (or :30 secs rest)
100 EZ free @2:15 
2 X 300 @ 4:15 neg split (or :20 secs rest)
100 EZ free @2:15 
2 X 300 @ 4:00 just make (or :10 secs rest)
100 EZ free @2:15

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swim Set 5/7/12

400 warm up to loosen                         
8 x 50 :60                                                          
            1 – 25 right arm/25 left arm
            2 – backstroke
            3 & 4 – build free
            *twice through*

4 X 150 swim @ 2:15 (or rest :10)                                              
600 full pull @ 9:00 1200 (or rest :20)                             
3 X 100 descend 1-3 @ 1:30 (or rest :10)                                   
300 pull buoy only @ 4:30 (or rest :10)                          
2 X 100 EZ @ 1:45 (or rest :30)                                     
200 strong/fast @ 3:00                                    
400 pull                                                             

8 x 50 kick w/ fins :60                                       
            1 – left side
            2 – front (arms out front)
            3 – right side
            4 – back (arms by side)
            *twice through*                                      

200 warm down to loosen                                  


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brooks Glycerin 2-in-1 shorts. I like.

I think Inside Out did a great thing by hiring me. I buy a lot of stuff now. I bought a lot before too but now I buy even more. Instead of 1 pair of running shoes I now have four . . . I am right on my way to becoming a shoe slut. Luckily I can count several members of the opposite sex who have three, four, five, and six times as many pairs of running shoes as I do. I recently noticed a need to replace some of my well worn out running shorts. Most running shorts look great on the outside a lot longer than they do on the inside. While I have been able to get away with my current pairs, recent exposures have convinced me I desperately need a new pair . . . or 5. This past Sunday I tried on a pair of the Brooks Glycerin 2-in-1 shorts. I was not sure if they were fitness shorts or running shorts but they looked good on the rack so I gave them a try. The conclusion? I am in love.

Brooks Glycerin 2-in-1
These shorts are like no other pair I have tried. They fit like running shorts but instead of that silly underwear/lining nonsense you step into a more boy-short liner that is form fitting like a pair of tri shorts. Maybe it is the cut or the breathable mesh but I can barely tell they are there. The first time I wore them I felt like I was wearing a skirt. After unsuccessfully trying to swish like a schoolgirl I remembered I was actually wearing shorts. The outer short is just large enough to cover the inner boy shorts without any tightness or snug parts. The shorts themselves fall at a good length, just short enough to show off my cycling tan lines (since apparently those are a good thing?) but long enough hide the bootimaximus. 

Which reminds me of the quote of yesterday:
"Hey look over there! That girl has an enormous rear-end! Jenny, for once you don't have the biggest butt on the block!" Thank you kind friend. 

It has a larger waistband with no drawstring to pull or tie. For me they sit comfortably on my hip bones. While the waistband seems loose, the shorts move with me so I feel confident they aren't going to fall off or gap. And the best part is they have two hidden pockets, one horizontal  in the waistband and a vertical one outside hip of the boyshort lining. Most running shorts have that one pocket in the lining that hangs vertical so if you put anything it, it gets kind of uncomfortable either at the waist or as the leg hits it with each stride. I could easily slip my car key in the waistband and a gel in the hip pocket without either one interfering with my run/workout. 

The best part is I can run and then transition straight into an ab workout, gym session, or yoga class without worrying about the coverage of my shorts. I can run and walk into a restaurant to get my fix without being the girl who just ran and wants everyone to know it. 

Check em out next time you are in the Store or online here!