Monday, August 20, 2012

Swim Set 8/20/12

How did it get this late in August! The summer is flying by and I did not get enough long course to fill my heart's deepest desires! I swam the following workout with Charlotte's finest last Thursday and I loved it. I used a workout I saw on FB and tweaked it a bit, or a lot, but still it inspired me and that is all that really matters.

MCAC Long Course:

10 minute warm up

Warm up set:
1x 50 kick 1:10 
1x 50 drill :60 
1x 100 IM 2:00 
1x 200 3:00 (descend per round) 

The real deal. If this doesn't make you faster nothing will:
1x 500 7:30 (or :30 secs rest)
10x 100 1:35 descend in groups of 2 (or :10 secs rest)
1x 500 7:30 (faster than first) (or :30 secs rest)
100 easy 
3x 100 1:45 descend from threshold pace (or :30 rest)

100 cool down

On a different note, here's the plan for the First Inaugural Charlotte and Associated Nearby Areas Triathletes Totally Awesome Swim Meeting (FICANATTASM). Plan on doing it on August 25th (or 26th - the day of Lake Norman Sprint in the afternoon or the Sunday after). Anybody that wants to participate, submit a SCY seed time for a 50, 100, 200 and 500. Game on! (Like ICE Racing on FB for more details . . . )