Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites: Fruit

So I have been working with Tara Martine from Whole Impact Nutrition. Check out her website and more importantly check out yours truly featured on the Sports Nutrition tab with this guy. The bottom line is I have been trying to improve my diet. There are many reasons for this but the #1 reason is so that I can fuel my body appropriately for my work day and all my workouts with an emphasis on nutrient timing so that I do not find myself overwhelmed with hunger. When I become overwhelmed I make poor food choices (example may or may not include eating a large quantity of chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels before and then again after dinner). After analyzing my diet, Tara suggested I incorporate more fruit in my diet. This is something I have been trying to do for quite some time but it just seemed so hard. When I vocalized this Tara suggested I aim to eat 5 pieces of fruit a day. I felt overwhelmed by this so I started with 3 pieces of fruit and have worked my way up to 5+. One of the tricks Tara gave me helped tremendously. She told me to go to the grocery store and buy 35 pieces of fruit (or servings). In order to do this I find myself buying more of a variety of fruits when I shop, starting with whatever is on sale. I have also noticed how over sized our fruits are so I tend to buy the smaller pieces of fruit and buying bags of apples, oranges, avocados is both cost effective and convenient. The smaller pieces of fruit are not only easier to eat but they are also much more flavorful. Did you know when buying a whole pineapple you should select the one with the smallest top? With less energy wasted on growing the smaller "flower" the fruit itself is sweeter and more flavorful.

So here are a few examples of how I ate my fruit for the week. I will admit the easiest way to get in a large quantity of fruit is through a smoothie. I personally shy away from fruit juices and dried fruit. The juices are expensive and the lack of fiber doesn't balance out the resulting spike in insulin.

- 0.5 c. blueberries (breakfast)
- 1x apricot (mid-morning snack)
- 1x apple (pre-afternoon workout snack)
- 1x avocado (dinner)
- 1x banana (dinner)
- 1x orange (dessert)

- 1x banana (post workout recovery)
- 1.5 cups frozen berries (post workout recovery)
- 0.5 c. blueberries (breaskfast)
- 1x apricot
- 0.25 c. dried cranberries (lunch)
- 1x avocado (lunch)
- 1x banana (pre workout snack)

- 1x apple (post workout recovery)
- 1 c. pineapple (breakfast)
- 1x banana (breakfast)
- 0.75 c. mixed berries (breakfast #2)
- 1x avocado (lunch)
- 1x apricot (mid-afternoon snack)
- 1x banana (pre workout snack)

How much fruit do you really eat a day?