Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pros and Coughs

The last 7 days were full of ups and downs. Getting back from my first triathlon training camp I was pretty stoked to get back on the training wagon. One of the camp participants wrote up a pretty good summary of the adult camp for those who participate in triathloning . If you did not see it check it out. It is fairly entertaining.

8 campers holding down the mountain
I am flattered Timmy Two-step painted such a glowing picture of my bike skills. How quickly one forgets about my horrendous descending skills buuuuuuut in the scheme of things I am more comfortable with being conservative just as long as I am not TOO conservative (which can be equally if not more dangerous). Anyway, after a weekend with 8 super athletes I was feeling highly motivated . . . . at least until Wednesday afternoon when the fever started. I was rolling along fine and then BAM! One minute I was contemplating my bike intervals and the next all I can do is hope to make it home and into bed. Unfortunately I had to go into work Thursday to testify in court so I spent the day vacillating between having the chills and then getting flushed with a rising temperature. Overall I missed 2 bike rides and my attempt at swimming one morning was a miserable failure. Looking back I am not sure why I even bothered to try. Denial no doubt.

Frustrated from missing workouts I was even more frustrated I was dealing with fevers and one hell of a whooping cough going into my first race of the season. James let me in on a little race he was planning to do up in Salisbury so I asked if I could tag along. However when race day rolled around I was a little less than enthusiastic. I was still sick. The forecast for the day included words like rain, wind, cold, rain, etc. I haven't been running due to a nagging knee irritation and the lack of racing left me feeling rusty. But I drank a big glass of HTFU and got my race face on. Well kinda. Once we arrived in Salisbury we were warmly welcomed but I was still just going through the motions. Midway through my swim warm up, however, I spotted two ICE Racing teammates who drove up to cheer us on. This gesture made my day and I went from ho-hum to JACKED! I do not know what it was exactly but walking about the JF Hurley YMCA made me miss the camaraderie I had with my teammates back in the day swimming for CY. Now officially ready to race I set my sights on winning the race and knocking down a few course records. Other than a slightly chaotic swim start the race was uneventful. It did not feel nearly as cold racing as it did standing around and I was very thankful the rain waited until after the race to appear. Overall the race was well executed and probably one of my only experiences outside of the Set Up Events and WTC brands in recent memory. Winning $800 for being the overall female winner and breaking the course records in the swim and bike was just icing on the cake. 

Can you run with your eyes closed? Talent. 

Your race times: 
54:45 - Your overall finish time 

3:30 - SWIM Time 
0:32 - T1 
28:41 - BIKE Time 
0:43 - T2 
21:18 - RUN Time

Coach QOTD:
 "Not many pros can say they are undefeated as a professional triathlete, but Jenny can."
(I like the way he sees things)

To celebrate my victory and first paycheck as a pro athlete I went to see Ironman 3. I have never seen Ironman 1 or 2. Or The Avengers. Or is it The X-Men? Watching this movie and the large number of trailers that accompanied it I realized I am missing out on an entire subculture of movie goers. I was cool with it until I caught a glimpse of The Wolverine. Let's just say there may be a Marvel Comic Movie Marathon in my near future.