Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mojo Lost

Call if found
Every now and then I lose my mojo. Usually when I lose it, I lose it in all areas of my life. Unfortunately the primary target of my missing mojo is my swimming. All other areas of my life seem to be going relatively well (of course I am lying about my love life (or lack thereof) but I digress . . . ). I have been traveling. I have been getting in a lot of great workouts. I am even back to running 30 miles a week. I gots lots to celebrate! Last Saturday I had a great workout. The boys and I hit up Cordelia with Johnny Tango and I pulled 5x 200m faster than I have in recent years. Despite dodging a fleet of wandering hairballs I was all over it! But then something happened Monday as I found myself just too tired to get up for swimming.  When my alarm went off I pet the cats and went back to sleep. Whaaaa?

I get so excited for swim days it is hard for me to fathom staying in bed rather than taking the opportunity to enjoy 25 yards of chlorinated bliss.  With a pretty tight schedule it is hard to make up missed workouts so I did not swim again until Wednesday morning. Getting in Wednesday I was slow and unmotivated. Even though I wrote my own workout I still was not excited about it. I was really only excited about swimming with AquaGeek, always a special treat regardless of my mojo level. This morning I got up and traversed the city opting to swim at the fine outdoor oasis known as Cordelia Park. As an added bonus I knew SprinterJohn would make me do some sprinter stuff which was actually starting to sound somewhat appealing over distance free and IM repeats. SprinterJohn never fails to disappoint but sadly the butterfly breakouts, no breathers, and underwater kick sessions did nothing to awaken my mojo. 

So where is my mojo!?! Who took it !?! And most importantly, how do I get it baaaaaaack!?!

Tomorrow morning I will once again be at the mercy of the merciless Johnny Tango. Will he bring my mojo back? Will he present me with a challenge that will ignite the fire and my deep seeded desire to seek and destroy? One can only hope . . .