Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to the grind

I needed to get out of the lab so I decided to head uptown for lunch today. I really just wanted to get outside and enjoy the sudden drop in temperature but I was also on the prowl for something delectable bite to eat.  A little bored with my usual haunts, I decided to try something new, Dean and Deluca. I kinda wish someone had tripped me in the street beforehand because that was a complete waste. This girl has got to eat and a cold $8.50 portobello sandwich is simply not going to cut it. I bought a bag of sweet potato chips, a coffee, and one small lindor truffle. $16 later I was still hungry, thirsty, and asking myself why places like this stay in business. Well at least I got out of the lab . . . .

Feeding myself is without a doubt my biggest expense but I guess that is expected when you gotta fuel the machine. Racing this year has been a little more clustered than in years past so after racing back-to-back weeks I am definitely happy to get down to business. 

Swim 20,000 yards
Bike 218.7 miles
Run 26.6 miles

A little low on the run miles but I took it easy Monday after racing Stumpy Creek. Luckily Dr. Greenapple was able to squeeze me in Monday afternoon. My knee wasn't hurting from two weeks of racing but I could tell it was feeling a bit tender so I wanted him work his magic and keep me running. I used to dread running but ever since I was forced to put running on the back burner I find I have a new appreciation for it. Running is not something I have to do. It is something I get to do. It is amazing what a new perspective will do for you.