Monday, August 26, 2013

My attempt at efficiency FAILS miserably

Last week the MCAC was closed for its annual maintenance. I have been swimming there three mornings a week but I have also been going there in the afternoons to change and shower before and after my runs. It has become a mainstay in my daily routine. Its closure this week is wreaking havoc on my routine. I was planning to run after work. While it would make sense to just change at work (we do have a locker room) the awkwardness of walking the building in my running attire leaves me hesitant. I decided to make a plan B but unfortunately it was not well thought out. I had to go to Target to buy some kitty litter for my felines so I figured I would get to the store, change, make my purchases, and hop on the greenway. I also needed to go to Trader Joes so I figured I would pop over there too. As I am changing in the bathroom, I suddenly do not feel comfortable walking around Target in my running clothes. Normally I would not be shy about doing my errands in running garb but I was behind on laundry so I had to rely on the JV team to get me through my run. My hot pink tank and ill-fitting tan-line showing booty shorts where not exactly Target material (Walmart maybe) so I threw my dress back on and began combing the aisles. About halfway to the pet section I realized I put my dress on backwards. FAIL 1. Oh well, I hoped no one noticed but the long lines at check out gave everyone ample opportunity. Eventually I made my way to the greenway and strutted my stuff on a lap around the booty loop. Returning to my car, I realized another problem in my not-so-well-thought-out-plan. I did not not have a place or outfit to change into. FAIL 2. Soaked with sweat but overcome with hunger, I forced myself to march over to Trader Joe's and get it over with. Since I sufficiently sweated through my tank and shorts I convinced myself no one would know I was a hot mess unless someone had the misfortune of bumping into me. I swear dudes have it sooooooooo easy. 

Lazy help at home