Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

It is Friday and the first day of November. It is also time for another blog post. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my blog lately. I first started to blog to help me overcome my shyness and to keep my friends and family updated regarding my triathlon adventures. I have really enjoyed the process and I want to do more of it. Of course I want people to enjoy reading my blog so I have been doing some research, ie creepin' on other people's blogs. I hope to make some big changes soon so be on the lookout!!

In the meantime I been doing the usual routine of working, training, and cat petting. I did have the pleasure of participating in this year's Tour de El Amigo. First girl ever to join the very fun but very male dominated event. I was pretty stoked (even though my performance was quite lackluster as evidenced by my whopping score of zero).

At least the veggie tacos were good!
My favorite workouts this week consist of a swim workout and probably the most intense run I have completed to date. 

I went to MCAC Thursday morning to take advantage of the long course set up and Jeremy Gregory's expertise. Jeremy is new to triathlon scene, relatively. If you frequent MCAC, you have definitely seen him. As a former member of the US open water National Team, he is a wealth of knowledge. On Tuesday I asked him if we could do a race specific set for my upcoming half-ironman. Luckily he obliged and ultimately challenged me to push past what I thought I was capable of.  

Warm up:
400 swim
200 kick
400 pull

16x 50 :60
  -alt 50 smooth and 50 drill

Main Set:
400 free as 50 smooth, 50 fast

5x 200
  1- 3:00
  2/3- 2:55
  4- 2:50
  5- 2:45

5x 100 on 1:25 holding 1:15

Cool down:
yada, yada, yada, hot tub!

Before I could participate in any Halloween festivities last night I had to run 75 mins with 25 and 10 minute intervals at a threshold effort. I was so intimidated by the workout but I got it done and felt great at the end. In fact, I came within seconds of PRing my 5K, haha. I can't remember my last stand alone 5K, which is probably a good thing. 

And finally for the first time ever, I made it home in time to hand out candy to tricker-treaters. I was not planning to buy any candy but driving through my neighborhood I realized I would have to buy candy or hide in a dark corner in my house. Since I was feeling particularly festive today as evidenced by my work attire, I opted for the former. 

Dork alert!
Coda was pleased as he loved all the attention he received from the little ghosts, gobblins, and princesses. I think I bought too much candy but people were roaming in packs. It was hard to tell who was demanding candy and who was just milling around like complete creepers. While I did enjoy giving out candy, I did not enjoy complete strangers coming to my door. I might have still been in shock from the Duke Energy guy knocking on my door at 10 pm the previous night. Good thing I have attack cats (nope). 

Waiting eagerly for attention. We want more!