Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rev3 Florida: Part 1 - The Travel

For those of you who may have missed it, my previous blog entry was not written by me. It was written by James Haycraft as if he were me. I sent James a message the other day saying something like "Hey buddy, I have this great idea. Why don't I write your blog as you and you can write my blog as me." While I was excited about the prospect, I kinda expected him to poo-poo the idea immediately. I made the suggestion because I feel like I have a good handle on the essence of James Haycraft but apparently I don't. I was wrong about him poo-pooing my idea and within the hour he had mine written and was laughing manically. (Wait, wasn't this my idea??) Some of our mutual friends awarded James the victory in our little battle of the blogs but they are all wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU! Oh well, it was a fun way to mix it up.

James Haycraft, self titled -written by me as James
The way I see it -written by James as me

The blog was a nice distraction since I was in full taper mode and staring down the barrel of my last race of the year and first race competing as a professional triathlete. Now that I have filled in the back story, let's get on with the show!

But after you take a moment to enjoy this cute picture of my cats:

Rev3 Florida: Part 1 - The Travel
Friday morning Ross and James met me at my place so we could pack the sweet van James rented for the trip and head out. The drive went by rather quickly and I spent most of it reading Tim's epic blog post about Ironman Florida aloud to the boys. Otherwise the drive was uneventful and as we made our way south I watched the temperature gauge slowly climb from 54 degrees to 80. When the temperature hovers around and above 80 degrees, I am in my happy place! We did not dilly-dally on the road managing to make to Venice with enough time to check into the hotel and hit packet pickup before it closed for the evening. Arriving to Venice I was blown away by the beauty of it but more than that I was overwhelmed with how happy and friendly the residents are. While the average age of Sarasota County is on the higher side of the spectrum, the community is vibrant and beaming with energy. In fact, the next morning on our way to do a little pre-race SBR I came across the very highlight of my trip. This guy:

And his cat, Festus:

Suddenly my life was full of purpose. THIS IS MY DESTINY! I was so excited about coming across this man that I barely remember our short jog along part of the course. Unfortunately I was blown off the little cloud I was floating on when I went to take the bike for a short test ride. The wind had really picked up and I was being blown all over the road. I suddenly got really nervous about the race. I hunkered down on my bike and reminded myself if I could make it through Kona I can make it through a little Gulf breeze. 

Please ignore my ridiculously good looking travel partners
and check out that wind!
With the run and bike in the bag it was time to play in the ocean so we made our way down to what was the swim exit of the race to practice our beach starts and test the strength of the current. The slope of the sand into the ocean was steep so it met the ocean floor at a pretty hard angle. The result? A couple of belly flops and face plants. It was entertaining to say the least and a fun way to release some pre-race jitters. James did a good job of summing it up with his video. He thinks he is sooooooooooo funny. 

We wrapped up our revelry at the race site, grabbed some lunch, and took in a matinee movie (the new Thor, totally my idea btw). All in all it was the perfect pre-race experience. 

Hoping NormaTec will bring my legs to life after the long drive
Up next: Rev3 Florida: Part 2 - The Race