Friday, December 27, 2013

I did not make this! But I enjoyed a few great meals out

Since December is my birthday month I let myself get a little spoiled this year. I had the opportunity to dine at Fern Flavors, not once but twice! There is a lot to love about Fern. I really like the ambiance with live plants on the wall and with furniture made of natural materials. They serve cucumber water which is a nice touch and always refreshing. All of their dishes are vegetarian, most can be prepared vegan, and a lot of them happen to also be gluten-free. A little something for everyone, except for Hal Cobb and James Haycraft. The two meals I had where night and day, both were good but one was great.

The appetizer:

We ordered the “nosh sampler” and I selected the spiced olives, ginger-scallion hummus, and kimchi. I hate when people use the word “nosh” but I am trying not to hold it against them. The slices of pumpernickel? were very good. I am not sure exactly what kind of bread they use but it is sweet, savory, and smooth.

The Fish and Chips:


The fish and chips can also be called “ginger fried tofu.” Large strips of tofu were fried in a ginger batter and served over a bed of spicy potatoes. The lack of color on this plate pretty much sums up my enthusiasm for this meal. The potatoes were too spicy for me or it just wasn’t a good flavor pairing. The tofu was really good but three large pieces were just too much of a good thing. I think they would have been better if they were served over something lighter than the potatoes. I could not decide what to order and this is where I ended up. They offer so many amazing meals I suggest opting for something a bit more vibrant.

The Miso Glazed Tempeh:


Amazeballs. This meal is incredible. Several slices of tempeh were piled on top of a rice cake and topped with an edamame salad. This is so incredibly good it makes the ginger fried tofu look stupid. The dish is also incredibly filling but it is a lot more nutrient dense which is what I used as my justification for totally overeating.

I have had so many great meals recently I am going to have to make another post!

. . . well I‘m at least excited.