Monday, December 30, 2013

Over the off season

I was in Raleigh for the weekend visiting my dad, stepmom, and her mom. It was going to be a short visit so I did not bring my bike. I brought my swim stuff but I knew I would not get up early to swim with RAM (Raleigh Area Masters). Since I opted to drive after work Friday, after the traffic died down on I-77 and I-85, I did not get to my dad's house until late in the evening. I slept soundly and slept in much later than I normally do at home. The house sits in a quiet spot being set back in the woods. It is also located along the Neuse River and at the base of the dam at Falls Lake. Perhaps more important than the location and the key to a full night's sleep, only one cat occupies this particular dwelling. This cat, Dame Edna, is a cat who is not allowed in the bedrooms, especially not the room with the waterbed. Needless to say, I had a great uninterrupted cat-free slumber. I ended up crawling out of bed at 8 and headed to the local coffee shop. Pulling in, I spotted a SUV with a bike rack holding three nice road bikes. I was instantly filled with envy. For that moment I did not care is was only 26 degrees out. Even though I know, if given the option, I probably could not be talked into a ride outside with my limited winter riding gear. I rode the other day when it was 36 degrees and I wore all the gear I had to make sure I wasn't miserable. I wasn't miserable but I was not warm either. I found myself, sitting in the parking lot, simply missing the days of gathering with my friends for hours of riding in the cold, rain, humidity, and/or heat on flat, rolling, and/or mountainous terrains. I felt a small amount of sadness for having done nothing but roll out of bed and pull into the coffee shop. Off season. . . I am officially over it.

Then I walked in and spotted the cyclists. They stood out in the holiday crowd. They were dressed rather normally except they were wearing those stupid cycling caps only hipsters and euro-wannabes wear. All my envy disappeared and I enjoyed a hot coffee with a hint of hazelnut and a swirl of soy milk while tapping out this blog post.