Friday, January 3, 2014

I did not make this! But I enjoyed a few great meals out

A new restaurant opened close to my house, Nan and Byron’s. It is also really easy to get to from work so it is perfect place to drop in for a quick lunch. I have been in a couple of times now and they have two sandwiches I really enjoyed:

The Portabello Burger:


Anyone who bothers to throw a nod in the vegetarian's direction opts to make a portabello burger. I get it so I am not complaining. They are easy to make; all you have to do is marinade, roast, and top with normal in-house burger toppings. But some places try a little harder and I, for one, appreciate the effort so I had to try it just to see how it compares. Wheat bun with two portabello caps, mixed greens, crispy chips, and a red pepper aioli is good but did no sweep me off my feet. The sweet potato waffle fries, however, are incredible.

The Crispy Beet Burger:


The Crispy Beet Burger is different and incredible. It is a unique and I have not seen its equal. I have had a veggie burger with a shredded beet base but this is made of slices of actual beets on a bed of mixed greens. The slices of avocado are generous and add a nice element of flavor to the burger. The “mojito fries” came highly recommended by the waiter. They have a chili-lime topping which is flavorful but in the end they are just french fries. I also tried the sautéed corn which is outstanding and I highly recommend it!