Friday, January 10, 2014

I made this! But I am still hungry

Soooooooooo I follow a lot of blogs. Sadly, few of them are triathlon related. Triathletes are great bloggers. They are often charismatic and interesting, they just don't blog enough. Maaaaaaybe that is a good thing . . . ? Anyway, there is a trend among the blogs I follow concerning cleanses, fasting, and detox diets. I guess it is the time of year for that kind of stuff. And I will admit after weeks of eating chocolate treats, holiday loafs, and downing unique hard ciders, I have a fair bit of purging to do myself. I asked around, did some reading, stalked some blogs and came across a number of companies who sell "cleanses" pre-packaged. You send your money and they send you a daily supply of healthy organic juices designed to remove and renew for 1, 3, and even up to 7 days. Sounds appealing doesn't it? It sounds completely doable until you come across the price tag: $72 from one place, $109 from another. For one day's worth! What what? I had no idea starving myself would be so flippin' expensive! I even checked out a local vendor since shipping seems to be a huge issue: $62 a day. Geez. I am hungry just thinking about it.

Feeling determined and undeterred, I decided to make my own. I am not sure if I am going to ever do a full "cleanse" but I figured adding a super healthy green drink to my morning would make for a good start. You can actually do a lot of your juicing in bulk so it is ready when you need it. And if you have a super duper blender you may choose to skip the juicing all together which is exactly what I did.

My green smoothie:

- one handful of kale, stalk removed
- half a peeled cucumber
- one cored and sliced apple
- cooled green tea, brewed with a hint of honey, add to the desired consistency

Hip people drink green smoothies from mason jars. True story.

I loved it. It was refreshing and super healthy. The flavor of the uncooked kale was not overwhelming and the green tea provides a number of antioxidants, subtle flavor, and delicate sweetness. This was a good start but I am eager to experiment.

If you are looking to try the "box set" here are just a few I came across:

Suja Juice - $54 a day ($80 in shipping)

Skinny Limits - $49 a day ($60 in shipping)

Pressed Juicery - $72 a day (no additional shipping)
(in my humble opinion this one looks the best to me)

Two local places to check out:
Luna's Living Kitchen - $62 a day
Viva Raw - Their website was under construction when I was looking into this. They have partnered with Nourish Charlotte to a create a 7 day menu of clean eating for $330.