Friday, February 14, 2014

I made this! Actually I didn't

Well it is Valentine's Day . . . I had big plans. I had big plans to make a lot of treats. I have a long list of Valentines . . . but all of that was thwarted. Thwarted by the weather, my inability to cook, and a delay in receiving a very essential tool to execute my plan, a set of linzer cookie cutters. I have never been big on celebrating holidays. I am sure there is a long list of reasons for that but I am not going to discuss them here. But this year I got really excited about making treats for the special people in my life, the people I encounter on a daily basis whose smiles, laughter, and positive energy do not go unnoticed by yours truly. So I prepared the following list of treats to make and hand out to my valentines:

  • Oreo stuffed brownies
  • Red wine dark chocolate truffles
  • GF salted dark chocolate tart
  • Raspberry linzer cookies
  • Nutella linzer cookies
Sadly, since my linzer cookie cutters never arrived, they were not made. Maybe another time. I made the red wine dark chocolate truffles and the tart but the chocolate did not set correctly. I was able to make them but I have to keep them in the freezer go they go soft. There is no way I can give them to someone as they just won't stay cold enough. Maybe I can but I am just going to have to shove them in people's faces and yell, "Eat this now!" Not exactly the sentiment I was looking for but if it works . . . . The oreo stuffed brownies came out but I had already given up on my big plans and gave them away earlier in the week. Maybe I should have learned my lesson by now . . . the language of love is one I don't speak, but I won't give up. Not yet anyway.

Red wine truffles and some Sangria for the effort