Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ramblin' Rose Event

Tomorrow night I will be working at the Ramblin' Rose event for Inside Out Sports. I volunteered my services . . . what does that tell you? If you are a local lady and looking to get into the triathlon scene the Ramblin' Rose events are the way to go. There are five events across NC that offer a non-intimidating way to enter the wonderful world of triathlon. Inside Out is offering three free entries to be raffled off to attendees as well as free wine (yes!), food (even better!), and a free pair of limited edition Ramblin' Rose pink and grey athletic socks (oh my!!). There will also be a short bike maintenance clinic and a quick question and answer session with me and the Fillnow doublet. 

You know you want these.
I know you have questions for me. Pleeeeeeeeeeease have questions for me. If not, let me help you . . .

When should I put on deodorant?

  • Before the race and T1 (not really but why not??)

Why are there so many different kind of goggles?

  • So many faces

James Haycraft is sooooooo cute. How can I get his digits?

  • Nope

How can I squeeze in a morning swim and not go to work looking 1000 years old?

  • Eye cream before and after

How can I work full time, balance training, and (*sigh*) have a social life?

  • Wine, discipline, prioritization, wine

How many bags do you pack for a full day of training/eating/working?

  • A minimum of six: swim bag, swim equipment bag, run bag, lunch bag, work bag, toiletry bag

Will a dog help me with my training?

  • Absolutely, they offer companionship on all those early morning runs

Will a cat help me with my training?

  • No. Cats have two goals: napping and sabotaging .

How do I snag a good looking triathlete fella?

  • Compliment him on his massive watts

I want to be a no-meat-athlete. What should I do?

  • Don't eat meat 

Now that I have posted this announcement to my illustrious blog you may want to RSVP to