Friday, March 21, 2014

"What have you been up to?" You asked. I tell.

Now that I am not writing about swimming, I have nothing to write about. True story.

Except cats. I can always write about cats.

Thanks buddy.
Yesterday I went to see Dr. Greenapple. He checked me out, healed all of my aches and pains, and balanced my body for the arrival of spring with the use of acupuncture. I am realizing now that wrapping up the winter with a series of blog posts dedicated to swimming was a great way to say goodbye to the water element of winter and welcome the wood element of spring. This is the time to establish the foundation my race season will depend on (which starts in just over a week, welpers!). When I look at my body and its surroundings holistically my thoughts and emotions immediately become a little more perspicuous.

These are not my feet
With that being said, this week will round out four weeks of  >45 running miles per week. The first week of lots of running was fantastic. The week went by really quickly and I felt like I was running on clouds. The second week was craptastic. I had some pretty pathetic runs and I was not a happy camper. But by week 3 my body was starting to adjust to the new run load and now it is the new normal.

Oh look! My knees are locked, swimmer style 
I have been eating a lot of big salads lately. In fact I have been craving them. I get off work and finish my workout and all I can think about is downing the biggest salad I can imagine. Because I this I rediscovered Crisp. The salads are gigantic and I can add grilled tofu because it adds a great char-grilled flavor. 

It is a lot bigger than it looks (never heard that before)
Last weekend I took a short trip to Charleston. I needed to check out my rental which has been largely ignored by yours truly. While I was there I decided to drive over to my old stomping grounds to check out the Trek store ride. 
It started at 7:30 . . . 
It was still dark . . . 
This is waaaaaay too close to swimmers' territory . . .
The only people who start bike rides at 7:30 on a Saturday morning are people with kids. There is a reason I don't have kids. Ok several . . . well let's just move on. I joined in with the group ride for about 90 minutes before departing to do my own set of intervals. I took advantage of the male dominated pee break to make like a tree. 12 miles later they caught me, womp womp. Luckily I was able to finish off my last round of intervals before enjoying another hour by my lonesome. I ran THE Greenway (which is just the THE Greenway b/c it is the only one in town) as well as THE Ravenel. I visited all of my favorite restaurants and enjoyed a really nice dinner at Il Cortile Del Ray, a local Italian restaurant I never had the chance to enjoy while I lived there. On Sunday I took a chance with the weather and lost miserably. I spent 90 minutes of my ride in the rain. With one more run to do I took advantage of a break in the rain to go for a short run. I once again lost that bet. Feeling defeated, I got in my car and drove back to Charlotte soaking wet. 

I have not been doing much cooking at home but I did finally try Bang Bang Burger. I am not impressed. In fact, in no world should a meatless burger cost more than a beef burger. I ordered the black bean burger. If it weren't for the pickles the whole thing would have had zero flavor. The fries, however, were excellent. I will go back and try the mushroom burger . . . just so I can order some more fries. 

Sorry Bang Bang
And finally, I took Peter (my tri bike) to Inside Out for a little nip and tuck. For my birthday (and Christmas b/c that's how Dec bdays work) I received an Omega brake which cleans up Peter's cockpit. Since I am not going to be buying a new bike anytime soon I need to get the most out of my P2 as I can so I had the new brake installed and upgraded my water bottle system. I have also been working with James Haycraft on my fit. I purchased some shorter cranks and a new saddle. I am pretty excited about it and hope to post about all the changes I have made but I need to get through this race first. You know, just in case.

Peter is one smoooooth operator