Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Out and about in Charlotte

With the arrival of the warm weather I have been spending my lunches walking around the Queen City. My coworkers take their lunch inside the lab every day, not a working lunch either. I do not know how they do it when it is just so nice out.


I finally felt cool enough to get a coffee from Not Just Coffee which is located in the 6th Street Market. I was wearing a necklace with a bird on it and had my Timbuk2 with me so I fit right in with all the beards, plaid shirts buttoned to the neck, tattoos, and skinny jeans.


I also picked up some honey truffles from the BarCocoa kiosk to compliment my delicious iced pour over ultra hip coffee. Treats like these make the rest of my work day palatable.


I love the summer and spring is just a pleasant appetizer. Despite the fact that the City of Charlotte is cutting down trees right and left (see the once tree lined Trade St), the trees that are still standing are blooming in full force. I dig it. I dig getting out of the lab to feel the sun shining, see the city colored by the season, and smell all the blooming flowers.


And finally, once a year there is a big pro bike race uptown. It is a lot of fun to spectate but this year an ICE Racing teammate of mine qualified to race in the amateur shootout prior to the pro races. It was so much fun to watch him and the other racers careen through the town. I already can't wait for next year!