Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caturnalia: Fishing

So this week I joined the Humane Society of Charlotte's Young Affiliated Professionals group. Upon joining I received an email concerning all of their upcoming social/volunteer gatherings. I can't attend any of them due to my schedule at this time but maybe in the future . . . in the meantime my membership will help fund vaccinations and sterilization services for animals within the Humane Society. Check 'em out! And maybe even consider joining.

I never give a lot of thought to what my cats do when I am not home all day. I figured they just curled up to sleep the day away. I mean that's what they do all weekend. But at some point they wake up and hunt because every now and then I come home to find a random toy laying in the middle of the floor. A toy I have not seen for ages. It's kinda creepy.

I don't think this one made it out alive
I collect what toys I find and place them in a "toy box" aka a cat bed they refuse to use stuffed in a place I won't trip over. Somehow the toys manage to go missing and I am constantly buying more. They are probably all under my refrigerator.  Sometimes I catch the cats fishing for toys out of their toy box which I find really cute.

Coda is the lookout while Smudge goes fishing