Friday, July 25, 2014


I have today off from all workouts. Since my last day off I have completed a total of #97 workouts. I kept a running tab of my training on Instagram. I know you all aren't #grammers so I hate you missed out! I am not writing this to brag; 97 workouts in a row is both fun and stressful. I will admit there were some highs and some pretty low lows along the way. I don't remember where and when I came up with the idea to keep a running tally of my workouts but I liked the idea of allowing people to connect with what I was doing on a daily basis. The sport can be pretty lonely and the more specific the training gets the lonelier it becomes, womp womp. When I received my first 2-week block from my coach I counted 30 workouts. I was a little intimated but I figured it was just a big training block. Then I received my next calendar and another 30 workouts. After a difficult trail run when I could no longer stomach the idea of another run on the roads, I started the count on IG to make something fun out of something that seemed to be overwhelming. The past 5-6 weeks probably contain the most work I have ever done under Accelerate3 and even though I am racing this weekend I am not expecting to see any major gains and I am not marching up to Ohio with an I-deserve-to-have-a-great-race attitude because breakthroughs just don't happen. People don't become great athletes after one good workout or one intense training block.. Great athletes are made after years of consistent dedicated training. This, my friends, is the very non-glamorous side of being good at something.

For those who followed me on my journey, THANK YOU. Your words of encouragement might seem trivial on a social site such as Instagram but each one brought a smile to my face and put a little extra pep in my step.