Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's OVER!

I was going to post to the blog this morning but I stepped out of my house and into the rain only to find my car's back tire was flat. Awwwww man. The other weekend I got my car cleaned. I even vacuumed and wiped down the inside. I carry a lot of crap in my car so I really need to do this more often than every 4 years. Needless to say I was feeling pretty proud of myself until my battery died on my way home. I got a jump and headed to the nearest AutoZone to have the battery checked out crossing my fingers I did not have a bad alternator on my hands. Luckily my battery was just past its prime and I got a new one paying extra for a 5 year warranty, you know, because I am just so responsible. Now I have a new tire. I should never have cleaned my car. 

Anyhoots, the purpose of this blog is to inform you it's over. My mid-season break officially came to a close Sunday evening. Monday morning I woke up and resumed my regularly scheduled workouts. Swim-run, run-bike, swim-run, run-run, run-bike, swim-bike-run, bike-run, etc. The concept of a mid-season break was foreign to me until I started working with Brian at Accelerate3. Now it is something I look forward to during my season. It is a lot easier to keep the intensity and motivation high when I have something to look forward to and a little break to come off of. I know a lot of people are gearing up for an end of the season ironman and a lot of those same people are struggling being too far away to taper but too close to ease up on the training. The end is near my friends! Now is a great time to visualize your race and remind yourself the hard work you have put in has made you fitter, stronger, and ready to tackle that last little bit of training. 

As for me, I just signed up for Miami 70.3 so I will be gearing up for a big block of training as we enter the fall. I have been looking for a fall race and suddenly everything came together to make Miami happen. I just love it when a plan comes together! 

I do! I do!
Despite my car troubles I am pretty freaking giddy. I am excited to train. I am excited to race. I am excited to go to Miami.  I have only been to Miami once and all I remember is going dancing in my favorite purple one shoulder top. I am pretty sure it had a sparkle component to it too. Hmmmmm . . . purple . . . sparkles . . . I no longer own any one shoulder attire, purple or otherwise, so here's to keeping it classy!

I would love to do another themed sequence of posts on Instagram. Let me know if you have any ideas!

As for you, mid-season break . . .