Saturday, October 25, 2014

Catching Up

Good morning from Miami!
It has been some time since I have been on Blogger but a lot has been going on for me. It is amazing how quickly time flies. We are nearing the end of October but it does not seem that long ago when I decided, on a whim, to apply for another job. It was the beginning of September. Two weeks later I accepted a position with the US Probation Office in Charlotte and handed my resignation to my supervisor at CMPD. Since then everything else has been a blur. I closed out my caseload at CMPD and walked into the US Probation Office hoping to have the skills and experience to effectively and efficiently run the new regional lab. During the transition I placed a lot on the back burner, my friends, my training, my blogging.

I had a good race in New Albany but it was not quite the race I was hoping for. I struggled a bit on the swim, decided not to eat on the bike, and despite the rolling hills my run was completely flat. Following the race my body felt older than its years and my motivation was at its lowest. After struggling to answer some big questions regarding my goals in triathlon an insightful conversation with James Haycraft helped me realize my disappointment was simply a result of my expectations.

I had hoped to race with REV3, in fact I planned a pretty aggressive season around their schedule, but when they announced they would no longer be supporting a pro field I had to shift gears. Tomorrow will be my 5th race of the season which is quite a deviation from the 8+ races a year I usually do. As a result I have been putting a lot more pressure on my training and racing and not allowing myself to have more fun it. I also let my triathlon career overshadow my forensic career. One day a colleague complimented me on a lecture I gave a group and asked me if I would consider giving the lecture on a regular basis and it made me realize that while I am a good triathlete I am a much better forensic chemist. Triathlon will never become my livelihood. And that's ok with me. I help put bad people in prison or help keep them there, which is really ok with me too. Shifting my expectations even just slightly gave me the confidence to apply for a position to run my own lab and get a little more enjoyment out of triathlon.

So here I am in Miami on the eve of my final race of the season, Miami 70.3. We flew in yesterday to a day of wind and rain but I woke up this morning to sunny skies and a gentle ocean breeze. I am excited to be here and I am excited to race tomorrow. I have no idea what kind of race I am going to have but part of me doesn't care. Going into the race without the burden of expectations is incredibly liberating. While my fitness level may not be exactly where I want it, I am exactly where I want to be. I am happy with my decision to leave to CMPD and embark on a new endeavor, to continue to train and compete against the fittest athletes in the world, and to come to a place like Miami where the sun is warm, the people are hot, and the coffee is intense.

My first of perhaps many Cortaditos