Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Inside Out Wheel Rental

Inside Out rental wheel 

There are some pretty big races coming up:

Augusta 70.3
Ironman Chattanooga
Ironman Lousiville
Beach -2- Battleship full/half

Aaaaaaaaand I bet you have put in a lot of training. Why waste all that hard work on a pair of crappy training wheels? The same crappy training wheels you put a couple thousand miles on this summer? What is the simplest way to get fast? Well there are lots of ways but I am guessing you guys already put in the training and just need some fine tuning. Race wheels are a big investment but can make a big difference on race day. Did you know you can have the experience of speed without the investment? While Inside Out Sports might be your go to for your wetsuit rental, have you considered trying out a wheel rental this year? Research has shown a pair of Zipp 404s can save you a total of 80 secs over 40K. A pair of 808s will grant you a total savings of 90 seconds over 40K. I used to think race wheels were only for the "fast" people but I have since realized my folly. Now I am no mathematician but get this . . . the slower you are the more you benefit (at least according to SlowTwitch). The amount of time saved is directly proportional to the amount of time on the course. Holla!!

Renting wheels is extremely easy but more often than not people wait until the last minute and miss out. Or worse, they come into the store looking to rent a pair at the last minute not realizing they could have saved themselves the trip! I think those of you doing Augusta 70.3 are out of luck but for the rest of you there might be a chance! 

The time is NOW. Go to the main page and click on "Rentals"

Scroll down to the store you would pick up the rentals. For most of you I assume you want "Wheel Rental: Charlotte"

You will then be directed to the Rules and Regulations of bike rentals. Read it. Respect it. Scroll down to the "Continue" button at the bottom and let's move on.

You will come to a drop down menu of dates. Choose the one corresponding to the dates just before your race and you will be redirected to the options you have available.

Choose the wheels you want and click "I agree." You will be redirected to a page to plug in your financial information and you are good to go! Now wasn't that easy?!? The same process can be applied to renting wetsuits too. 

Bring your bike into the store a day or two before the rental period brings. Your bike will be tuned to wheels and there will be nothing left to do but crush it race day.  

*sponsored by Inside Out Sports