Friday, February 20, 2015

Foodie Friday: King Cake

This week my culinary adventures have been about as uninspired as everything else. I sent this picture to a friend who responded "I think Smudge is unimpressed with your dinner." Well I was unimpressed with my dinner. It was 20 degrees out and after a long day the best I can do is eat cold leftovers? Ugh, I just don't do winter. 

So the crowning glory of my week was making a King Cake for Fat Tuesday. Oh excuse me, I made 3 King Cakes. I ate one of them but it still counts! King Cakes are surprisingly easy to make. The only ingredient you really need is patience. Baking isn't an art. It is a science. You need all the right ingredients and an eye to determine when you have reached the right consistency/texture. The biggest hurdle in the making of these cakes is waiting for the dough to rise and then once you have assembled the cakes you have to let them rise again. When it is below freezing and sleeting outside and you are standing in your kitchen wearing a hat, scarf, and a pair of snow boots these rising periods tend to take a bit longer than suggested. 

Last year was my first attempt at making one but I did not go all out with the sprinkles and baby you typically find on a King Cake. This year I thought I would make one for realz . . . only the sprinkles and babies I ordered at the beginning of February just arrived yesterday. Sigh. Luckily I happened upon some moderately priced sprinkles at HT. While everyone else was buying milk, bread, and bottled water I was buying purple, green, and yellow sprinkles because . . . priorities. As I was putting the finishing touches on my cakes I was thinking this would be the last time. Sprinkles are about as horrible as glitter (and more expensive) but now I have a full 2+ year's supply. Sigh.

Is there anything  creepier than this plastic bag of naked babies?