Friday, February 27, 2015

Foodie Friday: Snow days are baking days

I do know what it is about a sudden day off from work that makes me want to bake but it does. When I say "off work" I really mean "working" from home. Baking is a great when I am stuck at home all day. I can bake. I can work. I can bake again. I could have gone into work yesterday but the offices were officially closed so I stayed home and made chocolate chip cookies and baked fresh loaves of cinnamon swirl bread. I do not make bread often but I simply could not help myself after everyone rushed out to buy bread only to make fun of everyone else rushing out to buy bread. 

 I have tried a lot of chocolate chip cookie recipes that claim to be the best but I think I finally found the one. If there is one question you should say yes to once in your life . . .  Do you want to try my cookie? The funny thing is we all have a different opinion on what makes a great chocolate chip cookie. Some like them crunchy while others like them soft. Some prefer a combination of the two: crisp edges with an under cooked center. Some prefer their cookies to contain chunks vs chips while others like adulterants such as cinnamon or even instant espresso. There are yellow cookies and golden brown cookies and a whole host of variations in between. Of course there are also some people who don't care at all about the cookie and just want the dough straight up. I personally prefer my chocolate chip cookies to be big, golden brown, and cooked just to the point where the chocolate chips are just thinking about melting.