Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Saucony is Getting it Right . . . Part 2

The Kinvara 3, for example, was a really stable shoe because it had a wide base and was low to the ground, even though it didn’t have support devices. You need to look at the entire shoe.”

Let me close with saying I highly recommend giving the Saucony Kinvara or Zealot a try . . .  but your shoe needs are as individual as you are. Begin with getting a recommendation from a professional. A good fitter will ask you a series of questions. Answer honestly. Don't answer the questions based on the type of runner you want to be but the type of runner you actually are.

What type of running do you do?
What kind of volume do you run?
What does your training history look like?
Are you injury prone?

Like it or not all good shoe fitters are sizing you up (figuratively, sometimes literally) because to get a good shoe fit for you the entire picture must be taken into consideration. Some people are stable but inflexible. Case in point . . .

Don't be afraid to experiment with your shoes. Find your sweet spot and exploit it.